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Energy Analysis  Help

    Learn more about Energy Analysis screens:
        Login   get into the Energy Analysis Program
        Accounts   view your own data
        Channels  a channel holds data of the same unit of measure
        Channels > Graphics  data displays on a graph
        Channels > Tab Detail  data displayed as numbers & downloads to Excel
        Channels > Account/Channel Preferences  set defaults for data display
        Billing > Bill Calc  view costs for time period that you select
        Billing > Bill Viewer  pro forma calendar month bills (some actual bills)
        Billing > Bill Viewer > View > Determinants  graphs of 12 or 24 months
        Meterlink  call meter to obtain “near real-time” data (requires contract)
        Preferences  set defaults for how many accounts you can view, etc.
    Additional Topics:
        Error Messages  why they happen and what to do
        Computer Settings  computer settings for best viewing
        Definitions for frequently-used energy terms
        E-mail us