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Tab Detail


Select Tab Detail from the drop down menu under Channels on the Menu bar.


Tab Detail provides 15-minute numeric detail for each selected channel. (Channels are selected on the Account/Channels Preferences page.) Each day has a separate display with its date, total and maximum for each selected channel.


  • The time period displayed is determined by the date and time selected.


  • Electric Data: The Total is the kWh for the day. The Maximum is the highest kW (on or off peak) for the day).


  • Gas Data: Total and maximum therms display.


  • Use Internet Explorer’s Print button or File > Print to print Tab Detail pages.


  • Select Data Status Codes to find out more information about codes that may appear in Tab Detail.


Data Downloads can be done in two formats: Download A and Download B. The interval data that is displayed in Tab Detail is downloaded to an Excel worksheet. Click on the button for the download format that you prefer. Follow the screen directions to save the file to your desired location or to open the spreadsheet to view the data.


  • Download A provides a dual column format for each day. This is the standard format that has developed for Energy Analysis.


  • Download B provides a single column format that provides a time and date stamp for every interval. This format is easier to use if you plan to do additional data manipulation.


Remove Alpha Letter Code for Analysis in Excel

  • The alpha letter code (Example: “A” in the following screen-print for a gas transportation account) can now be removed. This is helpful if you download data to Excel so that you can manipulate the data mathematically (add, multiply, divide, etc.).


  • To remove alpha letter codes, click on the Show Status Codes Button (above Download A button) to uncheck it.



    • Then click on the View button to remove the alpha letter codes.


    • Select Download A or B to download the data to Excel.


  • To restore the alpha letter codes, click on the box for Show Status Codes, then click on the View button.


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