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Preferences allows you to set defaults for the way that you want to use the Energy Analysis web site.


·         Graph Type

You may select Line or Bar graph when one channel is selected. If more than one channel is selected, select Line graph.  


·         Email  

If your account is on a load management rate or you have contracted to call your meters, you may enter your email address to receive email notifications. The emails will let you know if the data was successfully obtained when the meter was called.


·         Period  

Select day, week, month or month to date from the drop down box: This will be the default data display when you logon. It can be changed when you are viewing data. Due to the amount of data that is uploaded, selecting “day” as the default will result in faster updates on the web site as compared to having “month” as the default.


·         Account/Page

Enter the number of accounts that you wish to appear on one page. For example, if you have 25 accounts, enter 25 to have all accounts display on one page.


·         Start up Page  

Defaults to Account Summary.


·         Click the Submit button to save your changes.


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