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MeterLink allows you to call the communications device at the electric meter and obtain "near real-time" data. Electric meters on the We Energies system record usage every 15 minutes. For example, usage is recorded at 8 a.m., 8:15 a.m., 8:30 a.m., 8:45 a.m., etc. MeterLink will read the usage information for each of these 15-minute time periods.



MeterLink is available to accounts on Interruptible, Curtailable, CFPN and Energy Cooperative rates at no charge. It is available by contract for an additional charge for accounts on other rates.


If you have access to MeterLink, the tab for this additional service will appear on the right of the menu bar when you logon to Energy Analysis.


Using MeterLink

  • Select the MeterLink page


  • All meters are automatically checked


  • Click on the "Submit Batch" button each time that you want to update the data. This does not happen automatically.


  • The Refresh List button is used to update the meters that are displayed when a different account is selected from the Account Name drop down list.


  • The Next Reading Date field indicates the last time that the data has been updated.


  • If you have not entered your email address in Preferences, you may enter it in the email field to be notified when the meter read request has been successfully (or unsuccessfully) completed.



TIP Each time a request for dialing meters is made, MeterLink will try to contact the meter five times before giving up. There is a five-minute wait between each attempt to call the meter. If the first call is successful, the results are usually obtained in about two to five minutes. If there are communication difficulties, it may take 30 to 40 minutes for as many as five attempts to obtain the data. The majority of calls go through with the first or second call.


TIP Some accounts have one communications device with two meters as the standard configuration for obtaining billing information. One meter will usually have the data updated in about two to five minutes while the other meter will take ten to fifteen minutes. MeterLink will automatically make the required calls, however it will take always take longer to update both meters.


Check or Uncheck All of the Meters

For accounts with more than one meter, the Refresh List button will add a small checkbox that acts as a toggle to check or uncheck all of the meters (See following screen print.)


Error Messages or Email Stating MeterLink was not Successful

If the account has access to MeterLink and an error message is received, first try submitting another request to MeterLink. If error messages are still being received, call our Business Call Center at 1-800-714-7777. You can also e-mail us at BizDivision@mail.we-energies.com. Please include the account name that you are attempting to contact so we can research the problem.


Accounts Without MeterLink Access

The following message will appear when a request for calling the meter on MeterLink is made to accounts without this privilege: "Sorry, there are no meters available for the chosen account."


Historical data
Energy Analysis provides historical data at no charge to our customers. We hope that this new service provides information that you need faster and in an easier to use format. Check the Channel Detail screen to view the time period that data is available for your account.


MeterLink Data Updated with Billing Data

Data obtained by calling a meter with MeterLink is ”raw data”, it is not considered to be “billing quality” data. Data from other computer systems is checked and used for billing. The checked data from these other systems is imported into Energy Analysis. This could cause you to see a difference in information in Energy Analysis data if edits were required and the edited data overwrote data that you saw at an earlier time as a result of using MeterLink. Edits are made on a relatively small amount of data.


Energy Information Options (Contract for MeterLink)

An Energy Information Options contract can be established for customers who want to have "near real-time" access to their electric data. It is available for an additional monthly fee for accounts on the CP1 rate. There are additional set-up charges if the account currently does not have the required meter and phone connections, such as accounts on CG2 and CG3 rates.


If you are interested in this added service, please contact your service manager or call our Business Call Center at 800-714-7777 or send an e-mail. The following link will provide the regulation and charge amounts that have been filed with the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin: Energy information options regulation




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