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Click on the Login page to log onto the Energy Analysis Website. User IDs and passwords are case sensitive. Be sure to enter the user ID and password exactly as it was provided to you.



Obtaining a User ID and Password
We Energies provides you with a user ID and password for Energy Analysis. Generally, one user ID and password is provided for a company. Many accounts are already set up so your user ID and password may be emailed to you within a day or two. If a user ID and password need to be created, it may take several days to a week before you receive them.


There are three ways for you to obtain an Energy Analysis user ID and password:

1. Complete the online form by going to the We Energies Web site, selecting Energy Management Tools under Business and then selecting Enroll under Energy Analysis;

2. Call our Business Call Center at 800-714-7777 between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday Friday

3. E-mail us at BizDivision@mail.we-energies.com.


Login questions

Please check out the following links for the most common login concerns:

I Can't Login to Energy Analysis
Red X Displays Instead of Pictures
Marking Energy Analysis as a Favorite

If the above information does not answer your questions, call our Business Call Center at 800-714-7777 between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday - Friday.


Your account information is protected 3 ways
1. We require the use of a secure browser to access account information. Secure browsers employ Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to communicate with servers.

2. To access account information, you must provide a User ID and Password to enter the secure area of the site.

3. After a period of inactivity your current session on the Web Site will automatically time out. To restart your session, re-enter your User ID and password at the login screen. You will generally be redirected to the page that you were on when your session expired.


About SSL
SSL does three things:

  1. SSL authenticates that the server you've connected to is the one it purports to be.
  2. SSL creates a secure communication channel by encrypting all communication between the user and the server.
  3. SSL conducts a cryptographic word count to ensure data integrity between the server and the user. The word count or checksum provides a count of the number of bytes in a document and ensures the exact number of bytes is transmitted and received. With SSL, even this checksum is encrypted so it cannot be modified. If a message is not received in its entirety, it is rejected and another copy of the message is sent automatically.


Look for secure web sites
You can tell if you are in a secure area two ways. First, check the web address that you have accessed. If you are in a secure area, the address will appear as https://www. The 's' in the address indicates you have accessed a secure server. Or look for the security icon on your web browser. Most browsers will display a lock in a lower corner of the browser window.


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