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Bill Viewer


Under Billing, select Bill Calc or Bill Viewer. Time periods for Bills in Bill Viewer are pre-determined and may not be adjusted by you.



Electric Accounts

Bill Viewer lists calendar month pro-forma bills that have been calculated in Energy Analysis. The information from these bills is used for Determinant graphing that will compare month-by-month information for up to two years. The following link will provide more information about Determinant Graphing.


If you select the same date and time to calculate a bill in Bill Calc in Energy Analysis, you will see the same information in Bill Viewer.


Bill Viewer displays actual bill detail for some complex electric and gas bills. You will be notified if your actual bill and bill detail are available on the Bill Viewer screen.


Bill Viewer also can display more complex calculation detail in the bill attachment.  Click here to see an example of this.


Gas Accounts

Bill Viewer will display historic therm usage data back to September 2006 for accounts on gas transportation rates, provided the account was on a gas transportation rate at that time. You purchase your natural gas from a marketer when you are on a gas transportation rate and pay We Energies to transport the gas to your facility.


If you purchase your gas from We Energies, therm usage data is not available on Energy Analysis. The computer infrastructure to display this data has not been developed at this time. You may find that our Business Account Online web site which provides two years of billing information for your gas and electric accounts will provide the data that you need for these accounts. The following link will provide more information: http://www.we-energies.com/business_new/bus_emgt_tools.htm

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