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Account Channel Preferences


Account/Channel Preferences determine which channels will display on Channel Detail, Graphics and Tab Detail when you log on to Energy Analysis.


         You may set them once--and then not need to set them again.

         Or, you may change them as often as needed.

         Or, you may change the time period while you are analyzing your data without changing your preference setting.


1.      Click on Channels > Account/Channel Preferences to select what data you wish to view.




2.      Selecting channels (screen print follows)


         Select the channel(s) of data that you wish to display by checking the box next to it. Click the Submit button at the bottom of the page.


         The scroll bar on the right (see the arrow) is used to view multiple channels.


         Select the engineering units (see black box below) that you wish to display from the one or two drop down boxes. Click the Submit button. One or two types of engineering units (example: kW and PF) may be displayed on the graph at one time. An error message will display if you try to select more units than can be displayed on Graphics.




         Channel Information

o        (T) in front of channel: The data has been translated from raw pulses to show energy values, such as kW, kVAR, etc.


o        (E) in front of channel: This indicates that a start date field has a date in it. It occurs during set up for some accounts.


Gas Channels


         Therms is usage

         Gas_day and gas_hour are channels required for billing calculations. Do not check them.

         (E) (T) TG4 OT (OTRT1) The first 3 alphanumeric characters (TG4 in this example) after (E) (T) indicate the gas rate. The letters and numbers in the parenthesis (OTRT1) are used for computer coding.

         OT means Overtake

         UT means Undertake

         BE means Best Efforts

         LDC means Local Distribution Company




3.     Frozen and Clone allows you to compare use from different time periods on one graph.


         Select one of the time periods on the graph that you wish to compare, then select Channels > Account/ Channels Preferences.


         Select the channel you wish to view; check Frozen and Clone for that channel.


         Click the Submit button.


         Select Graphics


         While viewing the graph, move back and forward in time to obtain the desired comparison. You may wish to match Monday data to Monday data so you can more accurately compare usage.


         Example The green line shows use for the frozen data for the week starting Monday, Feb 23, 2009. The data for the blue line starts for the week on Monday, Feb 25, 2008. The blue line shows use for the data that you are comparing.




TIP To make the graph easier to view, select one channel of data at a time.


TIP Select the date that you wish to compare to on the Graphics page before selecting Freeze and Clone.

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