Why Can't I Login to Energy Analysis


Please check the following if you are having difficulties with logging on to Energy Analysis:



Possible Causes and Solutions

Can’t login

1. Entered user ID and password in lower case. Energy Analysis is case sensitive. Many user IDs and passwords are upper case.


2. Entered the wrong user ID and password. Are you using the user ID and password for one of the other We Energies web sites, such as Business Account Online or MyAccount?


3. Entering the Energy Analysis user ID and password in the wrong location, such as the Business Account Online or MyAccount login location? Verify that “Energy Analysis” is in the upper right corner of the Login screen. See Screen Print 1.


4. You are not using Internet Explorer as your browser. Energy Analysis will only work on Internet Explorer and is fully compatible with versions 7, 8, and 9, but not with version 10 - Here is a quick fix: while viewing the website, click on the "compatibility view" icon located next to the address bar.

Login screen has text covering it and is hard to read.

The display problems usually occur if Larger or Largest Text size is selected. In Internet Explorer, select View > Text Size >Medium to correct the problem. See Screen Print 2.


Difficult to view Energy Analysis on your screen.

A screen resolution of 1024 x 768 is recommended. Follow these steps to check your screen resolution:

  • Click on the start button at the lower left-hand portion of your screen.
  • Go to the Control Panel and double click on Display.
  • When the Display Properties box appears, click on the Settings tab.
  • If the desktop area is already 1024 x 768, close the display properties box; you are done. If the desktop area is smaller that 1024 x 768, you will need to shift the bar to the right until the desktop area is 1024 x 768. Click OK and close the control panel.



Server Error in ‘BillGenWeb Client Application’ screen displays


  • The above screen appears when your login times out
  • Go to the login page and log back on to Energy Analysis
  • See Screen Print 3 for a larger view of this screen.



Screen Print 1 See arrow pointing to “Energy Analysis”.



Screen Print 2


·         The display problems occurs if Larger or Largest Text size is selected.

·         In Internet Explorer, select View > Text Size >Medium to correct the problem.




Screen Print 3